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I used to draw based on other clients brands, briefs, preferences and styles. Then I decided to draw my own stuff.
You'll find here the recent collections I put together. So look around and hopefully some of these prints fit your brand.

Coastal treasures
Seashells Dreams

This new collection captures the essence of the english coast. Dive into a world of seashells, sand tones and motifs arranged to dance across fabrics, wallpapers and accessories of all kinds. Each piece is a reminder of the ocean's magic, inviting you to bring a touch of coastal charm into your home with subdued, neutral and quiet colours merging with the background with the occasional Neptune colour shade and tint to stand out.

Buck Moon

July's full moon happens in Capricorn and the Buck Moon symbolically represents the time male deer antlers are in full-growth mode, meaning speed, stamina, regeneration and leadership. Combined with chrysanthemum flowers to give a delicate mood to this golden moon, some cotton buds in warm tones to match and to scatter around the whole moon vibe. A cat skull to represent the mystical connection between cats and the moon through centuries with the occasional aura and sparkly stars.

Monstera Skulls

A looot of tropical palm leaves and monstera leaves dictate this collection. The main characters are the skulls, so I wanted to add a powerful motif to go with those open mouths and huge set of teeth, as if the skulls are part of a ritual layout and the runic symbols are enchantments to secure the spell.

About My Designs

I hand drawn patterns and prints, exploring mystical themes and elements, with shade, with glow and adding some crystals here and there ocasionally. I can explore other themes to illustrate too depending on what you have in mind :) Please see below some collections I put together exploring on nature, feathers, leaves, skulls and more:

Seasonal & Holidays

See below the pattern collections with Christmas and Halloween themes. If you want me to design prints and patterns with a specific holiday in mind or you're interested in licensing these ones please get in touch

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