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Tell me your idea so I design
Repeat Patterns

If you're looking for a creative professional to design a pattern collection for your brand, be it for your brand's materials or for products, let me explain

Pattern design commission for brands. Wallpaper design of chrysanthemum flower in rose colours, antlers, full moon and runes.
Creative places to apply
Pattern illustrations
outline icon. Patterns for branding, visual identity, business cards, patterns for companies
Patterns for Branding

Repeat designs with motifs that represent your brand so the pattern is recognised by your customers everywhere.

patterns for packaging. Designs for packaging, pattern designs for surfaces, repeat pattern for packaging
Designs for packaging

Tell me what you sell and the size of the box you need, we can come up with a repeat design to cover the whole gift box.

textile design, fabric prints and patterns for companies, small and big businesses
Textile Designs

Maybe you need motifs to go specifically on fabric, either macro or micro.

pattern designs for wallpaper, home decor, removable wall decor, wallpaper tropical designs, nature leaves prints for walls
Wallpaper decor

Can be big or small sections of prints, removable or decals. If it's a huge area or not, the design needs to br adapted for walls.

stationery designs, pattern for notebooks, planners, art by commission, pattern designer, patterns for accessories
Prints for stationery

Your brand can have a fresh set of designs to evolve into a collection, printed on variations of paper products.

removable wall vinyl rental friendly for shops seasonal designs. illustrations for vinyl wall decals
Window decals for shops

If you have a shop and you're looking to freshen up the windows to drive in visitors, plants illustrations as clear vinyls create a stunning effect.

illustrations and pattern designs for products labels. Herbs, nature, plants designs, candle label design, tea packaging, prints for boxes
Illustrations for labels

When you have a specific ingredient for a candle and want a pattern for the label to represent that particular herb for example.

fabric banners, wall tapestry illustrations for seasonal decor for shops. nature plants and skulls designs
Wall tapestry

Special designs printed on fabric with or without text to decorate offices, shops, restaurants, bars, anywhere. Can even be a constant thing for when the seasons change.

patterns for sofas, armchairs, textile designs to apply to home decor, furniture patterns
Designs for upholstery

You could need some designs to print on fabric and cover an armchair or a sofa for example.

staff uniforms for shops creative designs for apparel
Prints for uniforms

For the whole staff team to look the same when walking around the shop, it can look great a pocket print on a tee to represent a brand.

merch design pattern illustrations for events, workshops, fairs, shops, offices. Creative nature designs for small businesses and companies
Merch for events

If you need special patterns for products to be sold at events, workshops, fairs. When you expect a lot of people to turn up and you know they're fans of the event or brand.

seasonal and holiday designs pattern illustrations for shops to decorate windows with vinyl decals special seasons
Seasonal or holiday designs

Create anticipation for Halloween when you promote printed products or window decals for customers to prepare in advance for the holiday.

How to start
The milestones to show the process
Mood Board

I gather references, photos, textures, elements, motifs and come up with a colour palette either based on your brand or a season.

Motifs Illustrations

After the first step approved I sketch all the motifs, without colour at this stage and can simulate a pattern repeat

Colour and Repeat

I add colours on procreate, with shade and light, creating options of repeats to see how it can look all together and apply to a mockup.

Beautiful Minimalist Patterns

Simpler versions, colours shades, few illustrated elements, simple repeat.

Amazing Detailed Patterns

Medium hero version, bit more colours, more detailed pattern, more illustrated elements, creative repeat.

Wonderful Intricate Patterns

More complex hero pattern style and repeat, elements that fit into each other like this background, many illustrated elements more colours and shading/light.

How to order

The options below are just for guidance, we can chat and these can be tailored for your project's needs

crystal icon transparent png
Package 01
Clear Quartz
What's included:
  • One pattern design
  • Mix of pattern complexity
  • Up to 3 amends
  • Two colour variations
  • Source file not included
  • Can prepare mockups
  • Two days delivery
  • For extras contact me
crystal icon transparent png
Package 02
Purple Amethyst
What's included:
  • Three pattern designs
  • Mix of pattern complexity
  • Up to 5 amends
  • Six colour variations
  • Source file not included
  • Can prepare mockups
  • Six days delivery
  • For extras contact me
crystal icon transparent png
Package 03
Orange Citrine
What's included:
  • Five pattern designs
  • Mix of pattern complexity
  • Up to 7 amends
  • Ten colour variations
  • Source file not included
  • Can prepare mockups
  • Ten days delivery
  • For extras contact me
What people say
Testimonials about my work!

I love love love how it turned out to be! honestly, it's so cute! I love how it adjusts to all our brand’s color palettes! I also love both the simple pattern and the busier one when it is colored! I'm ready to approve it.

Jo Owner of Reyery Flower Shop
United Arab Emirates

Thank you again for creating the most amazing and beautiful project! You have infinitely exceeded my expectations and have created a series of designs that are magnificent and truly exactly what I wanted.

Shane Shadé Founder and CEO of NOSH MRKT
and LeSnackPak Miami

She is an incredibly talented and versatile designer. A true creative who is well adapted to interpret and collaborate with a clients brief in order to create the best possible designs that hits the mark every time!

Dean Burgan Colleague from THG, part of a design team creating apparel collections
Frequently asked questions
After getting your briefing, I usually gather inspiration and add it all into a mood board. This will allow us to have a good look into how the collection can turn out. With motifs, elements, texture I intend to use, colour palette and more
I sketch something on procreate, align how I want the elements to be positioned so I see how close one motif needs to be to one another, if I need to add more details to fill spaces, etc. Then comes the Hero Pattern. The coordinates I design based on the hero, to back it up the main character :)
I prefer to draw nature more. Im not used to draw animals or characters. I illustrate digitally on procreate and photoshop, I have a particular style (see gallery) using the same brush and line art with plenty of lines and dots.
Yes. The patterns are yours to do whatever, I even provide the editable files depending on the choice of combo so you can change colours if you want. I'll send PSD files VERY organised and you can get in touch if you need help understanding it.
Usually accessories and home decor, but patterns can be applied into several thing right? Stationery like planners, accessories like water bottles, tech like phone cases, home accents like cushions, home decor like wallpapers... Just be very clear on what you want to print so I design accordingly.